The Maryland Society of Sons of the American Revolution have provided the Maryland General Assembly Assessment Record for Charles County, 1783 (and other years), providing insights into the conditions of the Maddoxes’ life at the time… http://www.mdssar.org/sites/default/files/archives/1783taxlists/Charles_Co_MD1783OPT.pdf.  Importantly, all of these Maddox sites were listed in the Durham Parish section of the tax list, meaning that the Maddoxes on this list probaby would have attended the Durham Parish church called Christ Church or Ironsides).

Benjamin Maddox is listed on p. 147 as owner of Posey’s Chance, 100 acres valued at 50 (pounds?), with a small dwelling house, corn house and meal house on site. (Page ref: msa_s1161_scm871-0561)

Leonard Maddox is listed on p. 144 as owner of Horn Fair, 150 acres valued at 75, with small dwelling house on site.

Polly Maddox is listed on p. 144 as owner of Hornfair “pt” (probably the land called Hornfair Addition in other documents), 30 acres valued at 15, in “poor forrest” with a small house on site.

John Maddox is listed on p. 147 as owner of Planters Delight and Renewment, with various houses, and on p. 148 as owner of Reserve.  He seems to have been doing the best of the lot.

Rhody Maddox is listed on p. 143 as owner of Fo-nd Hill, 33 acres, very poor quality, and on p. 140 as owner of Blue Plains “pt”, 88 acres, very poor quality with small dwelling house.

Edward Maddox is listed on p. 140 as owner of Blue Plains “pt”, 179 acres with a “sorry” dwelling and kitchen, tobacco house and corn house.

General Washington, General Smallwood, Daniel St Thomas Jennifer, and George Mason owned land in the same area.