In addition to our Edward Maddox, a few other Edward Maddoxes appear in Colonial-era documents, potentially conflating the identity of our Edward.  They deserve more research:

One Maddox genealogist claimed about 10 years ago that Edward Maddox’s father was Thomas Maddox (Lord Scethrog), who arrived in Jamestown in 1620 and died in 1623.  The link to this Lord Scethrog would bring us back to the 7th century in Wales.  His claim has proliferated on and other sites, and by now has become a standard claim among other family researchers.  It is true that a Thomas Maddox died in the Jamestown area in 1623, but he is not described as a lord or by any other titles, and nobody has yet proven our Edward’s link to this Thomas.  (Source:

The same genealogist claims that Edward Maddox is first found in the Virginia Colony “in 1642 Charles City Co., VA, with an unknown amount of acreage next to Joseph Royall’s 600 acres in West Sherley/Shirley Hundred on James River to Dickinans Creek. … [Source, Land Patent to Joseph Royall, August 20, 1642, Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643, pg. 790].”  The genealogist does not explain why this might be our Edward.  Is it possible that our Edward made an initial effort in Virginia, returned to England in the 1650s where we know he had children, and then came back to Maryland in 1668?  (Source:

An Edward Maddox is listed as a servant “3 tymes” to Lawrence Dameron on 340 acres “butting southeast upon the head of Tanx Yeococomico River,” possibly in circa 1652, on page 258 of Nell Marion Nugent’s Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666. Vol. I (1934; reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1991).  It’s unclear who this Edward is or what “3 tymes” means.

The genealogist claiming that Edward’s father is Thomas also claims that Edward Maddox owned land in Jamaica in 1670, according to a census available at  However, this was not a list of land owners – it was a census of permanent residents in Jamaica with their families.  Wouldn’t residence in Jamaica be impossible for someone already living in Maryland, which we have proven?

Finally, the records of Munslow Parish in Shropshire, England, list an Edward Maddox, buried on 10 October 1657, and an Alice Maddox, widow, buried on 8 February 1662. This is the same parish where our Edward’s children were baptized, and where he was married to two wives.  Could this Edward (d. 1657) be the father of our Edward?