Continuing from our previous posting describing the contents of a collection of Stafford County, Virginia, courthouse papers called “Record Book, 1686-1693/4”, we’ve uncovered a trove of receipts for wolves’ heads taken by Dr. Edward Maddox (d. 1694) in that time period.  The place must have a been a true wilderness – Edward was among dozens of bounty recipients each year. Here’s the running list…

  • Edward was paid for 3 wolf heads, originally collected by Indians, 14 Oct 1688 (p. 118).
  • Edward was paid for 5 wolf heads, 14 Oct 1689 (p. 148).
  • Edward was paid for 1 wolf head, 13 November 1691 (p. 237).
  • Edward was paid for 2 wolf heads, originally collected by an Indian servant, 13 November 1692 (p. 291).

In 1692, the court documented whether the wolves were taken by “Gun” or by “pitt.”  Edward’s were taken by gun.

Source: Record Book, 1686-1693/4, Family History Library microfilm #1445833