Still trying to conclusively document the father of Benjamin Maddox (1776-1855)….

I compared the Y-DNA of a known/proven direct male descendant of Benjamin Maddox (1776-1855) to a database of Maddox DNA. I found a Maddox haplogroup in the database that matches the descendant’s DNA with a genetic distance of 2, which can mean a close relationship between the DNA providers. The matching DNA provider claims to be related to a James Maddox (ca. 1750-1825), who lived for some time in Lancaster, S.C. Unfortunately, I have not found any documentation of the link to James Maddox. But this James Maddox’s profile could be a good fit for the father of our Benjamin Maddox (1776-1855), who was born in S.C. at the right time. If you’re a descendant of James Maddox (ca. 1750-1825), please make contact!

The R1b DNA profile of our known descendant of Benjamin Maddox (1776-1855) is provided in the image below.

See the comparable Maddox DNA at https://www.familytreedna.com/public/madoxETC_dna?iframe=ycolorized. The common haplogroup is at lines 139-143.

See more about the James Maddox lineage at http://maddoxdna.com/Main%20Folder/maddox.htm.

Post script… In response to this request, Samantha Nifong posted the info to a South Carolina genealogy site, and Patti Vincent kindly provided numerous Lancaster-area deeds including Benjamin Maddox in the late 1700s. A Benjamin Maddox appears to have been buying/selling land in the Lancaster, SC, area from 1760 through 1801. These documents indicate this Benjamin Maddox would have been too old to be a match for our Benjamin Maddox (1776-1855), but could potentially be a good match as a father, and could possibly be a match for a brother of James Maddox (1750-1825). Here are four deeds:

A 1791 deed re-records a circa-1760 deed in which Benjamin and his wife Rose Madox took possession of acreage in St. Mark’s Parish, S.C. (this parish would have included Lancaster).

A 1793 deed re-records a circa-1762 deed in which “farmer” Benjamin and his wife Rosemond Maddox took possession of 100 acres in Craven County, S.C. (this county included the entire northern half of S.C., including Lancaster). In 1793 they sold it to John Cantzon.

A 1794 deed includes “farmer” Benjamin Maddox, who was “appointed to keep the peace” in Lancaster County, S.C.

An 1803 deed of an 1801 land purchase shows Benjamin Maddox purchasing 75 acres along Teal(sp?) Creek in Lancaster County, S.C., from William Nassimon/Narrimon.