A collection of Stafford County, Virginia, courthouse papers called “Record Book, 1686-1693/4” documents numerous transactions involving Dr. Edward Maddox around 1687.  The record book is not indexed, requiring researchers to scan each of the 552 hand-written pages for names and details.  It’s only available in person at FamilySearch research centers.  Here are some summaries of proceedings from pages 1-148:

  • Edward was paid for 3 wolf heads, 14 Oct 1688 (p. 118).
  • Edward was paid for 5 wolf heads, 14 Oct 1689 (p. 148).
  • Edward sued a patient for payment for medical treatment (bloodlettings, cuppings, tinctures, etc.), 15 Mar 1687 (p. 97).
  • Edward sued another patient for payment for medical treatment, 24 Mar 1687 (p. 116).
  • Edward asked the court for prosecution after he paid £200 for the return of a runaway servant, 14 Oct 1688 (p. 118).  He claimed the servant’s disappearance resulted in a ruined tobacco crop.
  • Edward gave a brown cow to William Godfrey, 18 Apr 1689 (p. 131).

Edward’s gift of the cow to Godfrey could help explain a family relationship, but I don’t have any insights into the Maddox-Godfrey relationship yet.

Another researcher has claimed that Edward was paid a bounty on 16 November 1687 for joining the militia’s effort to find some Oneida Indians, and cited the Record Book.  I have so far been unable to confirm this claim.

Source: Record Book, 1686-1693/4, Family History Library microfilm #1445833