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It took years, but we’ve documented the descendants of Dr. Edward Maddox (d. 1694), who were born in Shropshire, England and baptized at the Munslow Parish Church of St. Michael. Finding Edward’s parents, though, may take us as many more years. Below is the latest information we have:

  • We reported in a 2016 posting that two records in the Munslow Parish book show an Edward Maddox buried on 10 October 1658, and an Alice Maddox, widow, buried on 16 February 1662/3.  Based on the timing and common family names, this Edward and Alice could be the parents of our Dr. Edward Maddox (d. 1694).  
  • Researcher David Pugh wrote to us this week that he “obtained a copy (and transcript) of a Will made by John Everall of Wentnor Shropshire [just northwest of Munslow] on the 15 May 1630 from the Shropshire Library. He left thirty shillings to his grandCHILD Edward Maddox, twenty shillings to another grandCHILD Edward Medlicot,, daughter Allice children three shillings each, daughter Joyes children three shillings each, his son Henry ten shillings, the rest equally to his son Henry and daughter Barbara: “if my daughter Barbara be ruled by my two sonnes and do not marry herself without their consent, otherwise if she will not be ruled by them, I leave her but twenty shillings”.. His son Edward to be sole executor. Witnessed by Henry Everall and Jane Medllicott. It seems that this Edward Maddox was an infant in 1630, but his parents aren’t identified.” Perhaps the “Allice” mentioned in this will is the same as the Alice who was buried at Munslow Parish in 1662/3.
  • In a search through regional parish records of men born in England around 1600, using traditional family given names (Edward, Cornelius, John, Thomas) and all variations of the surname Maddox, we have identified a handful of additional possibilities, but none of them is as compelling as the Edward Maddox (d. 1658) who was living in the same Munslow area as Edward Maddox (d. 1694).  Here are some additional possibilities:
    • Edward Maddox, married Elnor, the daughter of John Hickes, on 30 May 1614 in Norbury, Shropshire.  An Edward Maddox was buried in Norbury, Shropshire, on 13 June 1640.  Source: Norbury Parish Register.
    • Edward Maddox, baptized on 30 July 1591 at Langnor Parish.  His father was Edward and his mother was Alice.  Source: Langnor Parish Register.
    • Edward Maddox, baptized on 26 July 1595 at Frodeslay Parish.  His father’s name was Robert.  Source: Frodeslay Parish Register.
    • Edward Maddox, baptized on 13 November 1589 at Pontesbury, Shropshire.  His father was Thomas.  Source: Pontesbury Parish Register.
    • John Maddox, baptized on 12 January 1589 at Chelmarsh, Shropshire.  His father was Thomas.  Source: Chelmarsh Parish Register.
    • John Maddox, baptized on 24 April 1597 at Clunbury, Shropshire.  His father’s name was John.  Source: Clunbury Parish Register.
    • Edward Madoc, baptized on 29 September 1577 at Ruabon, Denbighshire, Wales.  His father was Wylliam Robert Dd.  Source: Ruabon Parish Register.
    • Edward Madoc, born on 11 October 1579 at Ruabon, Denbighshire, Wales.  His father was Mathe Jenij.  Source: Ruabon Parish Register.
  • One genealogist has posted a speculative list of a handful of Maddoxes who took up residence in Munslow Parish shortly after 1600, all of whom were fathered by a John Maddockes.  However, Edward Maddox (d. 1658) is not listed as one of John’s children.