Benjamin (I)’s will was signed on 23 August 1770 and his estate was appraised in January 1771.  The appraisers were Ignatius Luckett and Benjamin Brawner.  This raises the question about the relationship between these three families.

The Maddoxes were linked to three sons of Ignatius and Jane Notley Hanson Luckett.

  • Benjamin I’s son Walter had a daughter named Eleanor who married John Luckett, one of Ignatius Luckett’s sons.
  • Walter’s son, Cornelius married Susannah Luckett, the widow of William Luckett who was also a son of Ignatius Luckett.  We do not know Susannah’s maiden name.
  • Benjamin I’s son, James, had a son, Notley.  Notley had married Elizabeth (not sure if she was a Cox, Hussey or Martin).  After Notley Maddox died, Samuel Luckett, son of William and Susannah Luckett and grandson of Ignatius, married Notley’s widow.
  • We also know that Henley Maddox, Benjamin (II)’s son, was married to Jinnett Luckett, the daughter of Ignatius and Margret Luckett and granddaughter of Ignatius, and the widow of Pryor Posey.  In her will dated 25 August 1800 and proved 1 December 1800, Margaret Luckett lists Jinnett and her two daughters, Peggy, and Marsha Maddox.

That brings us to the Brawners.  Cornelius had a son named Edward, whose daughter Anne married William Brawner.  Their son, Isaac (1765-1830) married Mary Ann Maddox (1770-1790) but we cannot confirm her maiden name.  After her death, Isaac married Ann Taylor.  Benjamin I had a daughter, Mary Ann of the same age.  We show her as the wife of Rhodum Posey.  Other records show her as also the wife of Thomas Dyson.  Might this be the wife of Isaac Brawner?