We recently discovered the book, “Notes From the Records of Stafford County, Virginia, Order Books,” published by the Virginia Historical Society in 1937.  Page 243 notes that Dr. Edward Maddox was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace on 12 August 1691.  We knew that Edward had a prominent role in the county as a major land owner, but his specific role as a Justice is revelatory.

Edward’s role could explain his purported son Cornelius‘ later activities in Stafford County – especially Cornelius’ 1697 warrant for the hunt for the fugitive Esquire Tom.  Edward’s Justice role might have given Cornelius entry into Stafford County lawmaking.  We already knew that Edward and Cornelius had strong links to Stafford County through their land dealings and their relationship to George Mason’s family (Edward married George Mason I’s widow), but Edward’s precedent-setting role as a Justice adds one more circumstantially supportive tic to the theory of a father-son relationship between Edward and Cornelius.