We’ve already laid out some of the facts that contribute to our growing belief that Dr. Edward Maddox (ca. 1615-1694) was the father of Cornelius Maddox (ca. 1660-1705).  This week, with the help of genealogist Amanda Douglass, we made some connections among various estate records that bring the father-son relationship just a little further along.  In the records below, we see that Dr. Edward Maddox and Cornelius Maddox are both mentioned in the estate records of Swinburne/Swineburn, Rookewood/Rockwood, and Aspenall/Aspinall.  Before 1686, Edward is listed as a debtee; after 1686, Cornelius is listed as a debtee – on some of the same lands in both Stafford County, Va., and Charles County, Md.  Edward and Cornelius’ payouts on common lands could demonstrate an inheritance to Cornelius (even though Edward is still alive after 1686?).  1686 also was the year that Cornelius sued Edward for 1,000 pounds of tobacco, and a year after Cornelius married Mary Smallwood.

1. Charles County Circuit Court Liber G, Page 94
8 Jan 1677; Indenture from Edward Rookwood to Thomas Allcock, carpenter; Rookwood and Allcock, eats. and legatees of the will of David Towell, inherited tract called Fletcher’s Addition; on the east side of Piscataway River at Goose Bay; sold by Henry Aspenall to Henry Fletcher by deed dated 14 Sep 1669; containing 150 acres; /s/ Edward Rookwood; wit. John Godshall, John Harrison.

2. Charles County Court and Land Records, Liber, Page 80
8 Mar 1680; Indenture from Henry Aspenall, Gent., to Edward Rookerd [Rookwood], Planter; for 15,000# tobacco a parcel of 200 acres of land called Milersie (?) lying on the south side of Chingamungen Creek; adjoining Allonsons Folly; also Montagues Addition containing 100 acres; also Aspenalls Chance of 200 acres bounded by land formerly surveyed for George Godfrey and Montagues Addition; /s/ Henry Aspenall (mark); wit. Thomas Witter, Cleborne Lomax; ack. in open court by Capt. Henry Aspenall and Elizabeth his wife.

3. Henry Aspeanwall. (gentleman) {Aspinall} 8.105 I £99.19.8 Oct 11 1683
Appraisers: John Ward, Nathaniell Barton.
List of debts: William Thomas, Edward Rookewood, William Wells, Cuthbert Musgrove, Richard Martin, Mr. John Stone & Mr. Francis Hemsley, James Smoote, Richard New.

4. Capt. Henry Aspenall 9.55 A CH £99.1911 #23339 Jul 10 1686
Payments to: Thomas Ackerly, Edward Greenhalgh upon account of Thomas Clayton & partners, Thomas Hussy, Thomas Hussy upon account of Mr. George Tompson, Hugh Aspenall, John Muns, Richard New, William Wells, Capt, Randolph Brandt, William Theobald, Phillip Lynes, Edward Maddock, Edward Greenhalgh, Mr, William Smith, Col. William Digges, John Courte, John Ward, Thomas Tofte, Col. William Chandler.
Administratrix: Elisabeth Aspenall, wife of Edward Rookwood.

5. Nicholas Swineburne 9.28 A CH £4.10.8 Jul 10 1686
Payments to: Mr. Robert Doyne, Thomas Hussey, Cornelius Maddock.
Received from: William Thomas,
Administrator/Executor: Edward Rookewood.

6. James Wheeler 9.188, A CH £33.19.1 #13404 Aug 16 1686
The amount of the inventory is equivalent to #8149,
Payments to: Ignatius Warren, William Newman, William Dent, George Brent, Thomas Gavan, Thomas Hussy, Edward Rookard, Mrs. Mary Chandler, Cornelius Maddocks, Richard Harrison, Thomas Wheeler, Roger Dickenson, Humphrey Warren, Dr. John Lemair, John Wheeler, Ralph Shawe, Mr. Robert Doyne, Henry Hardy per receipt of Mr. Burford, Samuel Cockett, John Booker, Robert Taylour.
Executrix: Katharine Jones, wife of Moses Jones.

p. 140a EDWARD’ ROCKWOOD of the PROVINCE of MARYLAND who* Intermarried with the Relict & Executrix of Capra. HENRY ASPENALL deceased do release RICHARD MARTYN of Stafford County from a Bill of fours hundred & fifty pounds of Tobaccoe & Caske made payble to ye said ASPENALL from ye said MARTYNE. Wittness my hand this Twentieth day of March 1688
Recorded in ye County Court records of Stafford the 12th day of December 1689.