According to the War of 1812 Federal Pensioners List, pp. 1246-1247, William and Chandler Maddox of Abbeville, SC, fought in the war.  They were nephews of Benjamin III. It’s interesting to note that John C. Calhoun, a progenitor of the war, lived very close to the Maddoxes in Abbeville.

According to F. Edward Wright’s Maryland Militia: War of 1812, Volume 5: St. Mary’s and Charles Counties, Benjamin, Frederick, Naolty of M., Notley, Gilbert and William R. Maddox enlisted in the Maryland militia.  These men’s relationships to our line have not yet been resolved, but they are likely cousins or nephews of our Benjamin II or Benjamin III.  The British invaded Washington along the Potomac River, and Charles County was the scene of some fighting and looting.