As with the Gaines family, our Maddoxes intermarried with the Posey family, spanning generations from Colonial Maryland to post-Revolutionary South Carolina.  A trip through the current Yellow Pages of Charles County, Maryland, reveals more than one Posey-Maddox, even today.  Here’s a look at some early relationships.

  • Elizabeth Maddox (1724 – 17 February 1759), daughter of Edward Maddox (son of Cornelius) married John Posey (30 July 1685 – 15 October 1759) in May 1749 after his first wife, Lydia Shuttleworth died in 1744.
  • John Posey’s daughter Frances Posey (1716 – 1784) married Benjamin I (1696 – 1770). Reference:  Charles County, Maryland land records 2:343-345: ” John Posey and wife Lydia acknowledge a deed dated 26 May 1740 selling Horn fair to Benjamin Maddox and wife Frances.”  Maryland wills 30: 641-642: John Posey’s will written 6 Jan 1759 and proved 17 Feb 1759, “I give to my Daughter Frances Madox one shilling Sterling & no more”.
  • Benjamin I’s son Thomas (1732 –  ) married Frances Posey (1716 – 1784) in 1759.  This marriage may conflict with the marriage above.
  • Benjamin I’s daughter Mary (1718 – August 1785) married Humphrey Posey (1718 – 28 February 1784), son of John Posey.  Reference: Charles County, Maryland Will Book B-1, 1782-1785; Page 278: Humphrey Posey Sr. Will.  “I, Humphrey Posey of CC, am weak of body but of sound mind and memory. Firstly, I want my just debts paid.  To my sons Prior Posey, Benja Posey, Been Posey, & Roger Posey, and to my daughters Elizabeth Posey, Easter Posey, Mary Posey, Sarah Posey, & Ann Posey – 1 english shilling each & no more. To my wife Mary Posey – the rest of my estate, and at her death, to my son, Wheeler Posey, and if he dies without an heir, to my son Roger Posey.  Executor: Benja Maddox.  Signed Mar 13, 1783 – Humphrey (HP his mark) Posey Sr. Wit – Leonard Maddox, Benja Maddox.  Probated on Feb 28, 1784 by the oath of the executor, Benjamin Maddox Sr and by the oaths of both witnesses.”  Charles County Wills, 9.69 dated 9 August 1785: “Wheeler Posey (Mary’s son) an orphan 14 years and 3 months of age is by this Court bound to William Norris…”  Maryland wills 30: 641-642, PHL microfilm 0,012,853: Benjamin II and his brother, Leonard, were witnesses of Humphrey Posey, Sr.’s will on 13 March 1783.  Humphrey Posey’s wife was Benjamin II’s sister, Mary.  Benjamin II was appointed executor of the estate.  On 11 June 1784, Benjamin II renounced and gave up administration of Humphrey Posey’s estate.  Charles County Wills 8.338: On 9 August 1785, Wheeler Posey, the youngest son of Humphrey and Mary Maddox Posey was an orphan and therefore his mother, Mary Maddox Posey, had died.  Ref:  Charles County Wills, 9.69
  • Benjamin I’s daughter, Mary Ann (1720 – 1776) married Rhodum Posey (1725 – 1787), son of John Posey in 1750.  She may have been married to Thomas Dyson prior to marrying Rhodum.
  • Benjamin II (1735 – 1811) married Mary Posey
  • Benjamin II’s son, Henley (1761 – 1806) married Jannett Luckett (1749 – February 1815) in 1784.  She was the widow of Pryor Posey (1745 – 6 November 1782), Humphrey Posey and Mary Maddox’s son, who she had married in 1769
  • Edward’s son Rhoda (1730 – 1828) married Elizabeth (NLN).  His land is next to William Brawner, who married Rhoda’s sister, Ann Maddox.
  • Mary Ann Maddox (1770 – 1790) married Isaac Brawner (1765 – 1830), son of William Brawner in 1787 in Charles County, MD.