Here’s a map of the Maddox farms of Crawford County, Illinois. In the mid-19th century, beginning with Benjamin (III) in 1837 at the latest, the family moved from Christian County, Kentucky, to Illinois and bought at least five farms there over the next 70 years.  They lived within a mile of each other and were frequent visitors to nearby Flat Rock, Morea, Heathsville and Palestine.  Many of the family would be buried at the Maddox Cemetery, which is located on Benjamin (III)’s farm.

Missing from the map is a farm in the name of Joseph Maddox.  Joseph moved to Crawford County at age 77 (four years before he died), probably to live with one of his sons.  He brought his 5-year-old son John Napoleon with him.  He was buried in the Maddox Cemetery along with his father.